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Museum lift crash: eyes, skin of Parsi dentist donated

Museum lift crash: eyes, skin of Parsi dentist donated

The family of Parsi dentist Arnavaz Havewalla, who succumbed to injuries she suffered in Byculla’s Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum lift crash, has donated her skin and corneas.

Havewalla had always wished to do the noble deed, and on May 9, when doctors broke the news of her death, her kin conveyed her wish to them.

Her corneas were sent to Eye Bank Coordination and Research Centre at KBH Bachooali Hospital, Parel, and the skin was sent to the National Burns Centre, Airoli.

Dr. Ardeshir Jagose, a friend of Havewalla, said she had always expressed her wish of donating her skin and eyes.

“She had conveyed that her skin should be donated to the National Burns Centre. Thus, even when Masina Hospital had a skin bank, a team from the NBC was called in as per her wish,” Dr. Jagose told The Hindu. Havewalla’s last rites were performed at Doongerwadi in Kemps Corner on Saturday morning.

On April 28, Havewalla and her daughter Hera were taking a tour of the museum when they were injured in the lift crash. The hydraulic lift, meant for senior citizens and differently abled, was installed in 2008 when the museum was restored. The mother and daughter were rushed to Masina Hospital with multiple injuries and fractures. Havewalla had a severe pelvic fracture and Hera had a fracture in the leg. While Hera was discharged from the hospital a few days later, Havewalla’s condition deteriorated on May 9 after she developed pulmonary thromboembolism and died.


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