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Andover Teeth Whitening Private Dentist Launches Cosmetic T…

Andover Teeth Whitening Private Dentist Launches Cosmetic T…

Andover based Dental Concepts, a leading cosmetic dental clinic in Andover and the surrounding areas, recently began off their “Spread The Smile Contest,” with a grand prize worth £990. Participants stand a chance to win one of the 10 prizes by simply visiting the official Facebook page of Dental Concepts Andover and clicking the contest link that is published on their timeline at

“We are inviting everyone to join our “Spread The Smile Contest” and get a chance to win Premium Teeth Whitening with one of the best Whitening systems in the country, and 3D Smile Simulation plus One Hour Skin Consultation with Dr. Qian Xu, The Harley Street Skin Doctor, worth £990,” says Dr. Manish Chitnis from Dental Concepts. He adds that nine other winners will take home service coupons and great discounts for Teeth Whitening, 3D Smile Simulation, and Skin Consultation.

Dental Concepts offers numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments that are designed not only to enhance one’s smile but also ensure that the final outcome looks natural and in tune with the rest of the teeth and proportions of the face. Dr. Chitnis explains that their team of dental professionals are capable of providing various dental treatments, including white fillings, repair of chipped teeth, implants, crowns, smile makeover, Invisalign and general Orthodontics. More information can be found on the dental clinic’s website at

“At Dental Concepts, we understand that not everyone looks forward to undergoing a dental treatment; that’s why we believe in making our patients feel at ease from the moment they step into our clinic. We don’t only care for your teeth, we care for you as a person,” he said. Dr. Chitnis also points out that the clinic utilises cutting edge technology, not just for teeth repair and whitening, but also for dental veneers, Invisalign, dental implants, and overall smile makeovers.

Furthermore, Dr. Chitnis enumerates the benefits of choosing Dental Concepts over other dental service providers in the area. Aside from offering state of the art facilities and dental treatments, he explains that they utilise modern technology to ensure that all service inquiries are promptly answered and that other processes are more streamlined and easy for their patients to both use and understand. He highlights that Dental Concepts offers flexible appointment times in the evenings and weekends for patients who have very demanding schedules.

The clinic also offers all of their dental services under one roof, which means that they conduct the necessary tests, x-rays, and others scans on their own premises so that patients will no longer have to travel to another location to have their tests done. Additionally, they have a number of dental specialists who are assigned to handle special cases and more advanced procedures such as implant dentistry, periodontics, root canal treatments, and so on.

“At Dental Concepts, we do not only help you keep your teeth clean and healthy, but we keep our practice clean as well,” says Dr. Chitnis. He affirms that all their dental practices conform to strict hygiene regulations that are stipulated by the Department of Health. In fact, Dental Concepts is at the “best practice” level of the required standards of hygiene, ensuring that they always remain compliant with the stringent cleaning routines for all their equipment and instruments. Lastly, Dr. Chitnis points out that their fees are extremely competitive and affordable, with numerous payment plans available. Some of these options include NHS fee bands, membership plans for monthly payments, interest-free payments over 2-3 years, and credit/debit card payment facility.

Dental Concepts is one of the leading cosmetic dental centers in Whitchurch and Andover, as illustrated by the extremely positive reviews and recommendations they receive from previous clients. In fact, they have a perfect 5.0 rating from more than 195 patient reviews on Google.

Sophie Collins said, “I was referred to Dental Concepts after my dentist sent off a referral to have my painful wisdom tooth removed. I called up and they managed to get me an appointment the next morning. The receptionists were very kind and helpful, and the surgeon was reassuring and got the tooth out in no time. The bill is also on the NHS and so I didn’t have to pay a thing. Great care and service. I would definitely recommend them.”

Similarly, Greg Maessen, said, “Going to the dentist has always been horrific for me. I generally get nervous for a few days prior to my appointment, and I feel exhausted and drained for days afterward. Today, I had to have seven teeth removed and it was an amazing experience. The staff were all so friendly and comforting. I felt so safe from the moment I walked in. I was given my sedation and before I knew it, I was told that it was over and I could go home. Such a great experience with great treatment from great people.”

More information can be found on their website at Interested parties may also connect with Dental Concepts through their official Facebook page to learn more about their latest news and important announcements.


For more information about Dental Concepts, contact the company here:

Dental Concepts
Dr. Manish Chitnis
01264 313999
[email protected]
Dental Concepts, 1b, 132A Weyhill Rd, Andover SP10 3BE, United Kingdom


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