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Carle in line for property-tax refund on building that hous…

Carle in line for property-tax refund on building that hous…

CHAMPAIGN — The Carle Foundation may be in line for a property-tax refund on its building that houses Frances Nelson Health Center and SmileHealthy Dental Center at 819 Bloomington Road, C.

Nearly half the refund would, in turn, be given back to Promise Healthcare, the parent organization of Frances Nelson and SmileHealthy, because Promise Healthcare has been covering part of the taxes on the building as part of its lease agreement, according to Carle.

The state Department of Revenue approved Carle’s tax-exemption application on the Bloomington Road property this past March for tax year 2015, according to Champaign County Assistant State’s Attorney Joel Fletcher.

The county supervisor of assessments office processed a certificate of error — basically a correction of a tax bill — for 2018, and will also be processing one for tax year 2015. Determinations haven’t yet been made for tax years 2016 and 2017, he said.

Carle has owned the building for more than a decade, but its current lease arrangement with Promise Healthcare dates back only to 2012 when Promise was formed to become the new parent organization of the clinic and dental program.

Prior to that time, Frances Nelson Health Center and the dental clinic were operated by the former Community Health Improvement Center of Decatur.

Carle and Promise Healthcare together paid $61,565 in local property taxes on the Bloomington Road building for 2015. Tax payments for 2016 and 2017 on that property totaled $129,243, according to county records.

Promise Healthcare leases just under half the building and would be entitled to just under half of any refunds, according to Carle spokeswoman Jamie Mullin.

“Per their lease agreement, Promise is responsible for any property taxes associated with their leased space, so once the 2015, 2016 and 2017 property taxes are refunded to Carle, we will transfer the refund to Promise to further invest in providing primary care, behavioral health and dental services to the medically underserved in Champaign County,” Mullin said.

Promise Healthcare Executive Director Nancy Greenwalt said she asked Carle to apply for the exemption on the Bloomington Road building after learning federally qualified health centers such as Promise are tax-exempt under state law.

Mullin said Carle further plans to apply to the state for tax exemptions on the Bloomington Road building for 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Greenwalt said property tax refunds would mean a lot to Promise Healthcare.

“It would be quite a bit of money for the health center,” Greenwalt said. “That’s money that we would use to operate the health center.”

Frances Nelson Health Center moved from a smaller building it once occupied in Champaign to the former Leath Furniture store building on Bloomington Road in November 2006, and the dental center opened there in 2011.

Carle bought the building in advance of the move, and with several other local health providers in the community, assisted with remodeling and start-up costs to help the health center expand.

The Bloomington Road building hasn’t been included in either of two pending Carle lawsuits contesting property taxes in Champaign County.


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