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Jon Cartu Writes: B.C. dentist who lost licence has disappeared, still owes

B.C. dentist who lost licence has disappeared, still owes

Jon Cartu Writes: B.C. dentist who lost licence has disappeared, still owes

A Richmond dentist has lost his licence and must pay nearly $100,000 in fees after dozens of instances of professional misconduct, according to a decision from the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.

Dr. Bin Xu practiced in Richmond for years before seemingly disappearing as he was being buried by allegations of poor diagnoses, treatment planning, a lack informed consent, substandard care,

and incorrect billing practices.

“The college alleges that through a spectrum of inadequate practices Dr. Xu practiced the profession of dentistry incompetently and that he committed professional misconduct or unprofessional conduct,” the college’s decision stated.

Xu’s issues began between 2015 and 2018, when 12 patients complained, leading the college to review the charts of 19 patients.

The complaints include man who paid $85,000 for 17 new teeth implants after Xu told him he had periodontal disease.

The man, identified in the documents as FCW, showed the college receipts for $85,000 in payments but said he only got five or six implants, one of which had to be removed due to extreme pain.

The man said Xu refused to treat him further and agreed to provide a refund. However, FCW said he had not received any money back and the college found Xu had “abandoned” his patient.

The last communication the college had from Xu was when he signed a voluntarily withdrawal from practicing dentistry in B.C. in January 2017. However, the college continued to get complaints about Xu.

The college attempted to serve Xu with the resulting citation in May 2018 by both mail and e-mail. Neither was received or acknowledged. The college continued to try and find Xu, including by hiring a private investigator, but were unsuccessful. They held a hearing later that year and again attempted to serve Xu with the citation, again using mail, e-email and hiring a private investigator. However, they were unsuccessful.

The college’s discipline committee found that Xu must pay a fine of $50,000, and an $48,117 fee to cover the costs of the investigation.


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