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Jonathan Cartu Support: Dental procedure left him speechless and in the ICU

Dental procedure left him speechless and in the ICU

Jonathan Cartu Support: Dental procedure left him speechless and in the ICU

Medical negligence, says father; medical coincidence, say doctors

Venu can barely speak. He is worried about his I PU exam, due to be held next month. He is 19 and a student at a KR Puram Govt College. But instead of going to college, Venu has been holed up in the ICU of Shri Lakshmi Hospital in Kaggadasapura.

Venu has just been snatched from the jaws of death; it’s quite ironic, since what got him there in the first place was one of his teeth. Venu had gone for a root canal on December 24 but ended up in the ICU soon after.

“I want to become a journalist too,” he said as soon as he got to know that this correspondent works at Bangalore Mirror.

“He’s brilliant at studies. He secured first rank in SSLC at the school he studied in at Tumakaru. The late Shivakumar swami of Siddaganga mutt had given him an award,” his father, Srinivas, said. He is a taxi driver and is worried about the Rs 4 lakh+ bill that his son’s treatment has spiralled to.

It all started when Venu went to Kiyara Dental Clinic in Vignana Nagar along with his mother. One of his teeth had been hurting and the dentist, Monika Tayal, suggested that a root canal was the only option. The dentist asked for Rs 3,000 for the treatment and when Venu’s mother told her about their financial condition, she offered a discount of Rs 500. The dentist then gave him an injection.

And all hell broke loose.

Venu’s cheek swelled up. He couldn’t eat or drink; he could barely speak. Worried, his mother took him to Monika Tayal again on December 25 and this time he was given some tablets. The dentist told him that the injection was given on the left side but the infection seemed to be spreading on the right side of his face. She inquired if Venu had diabetes or blood pressure problem; when he replied in the negative, she asked him to go home and take rest.

Venu with his father; a catheter was inserted and has been removed now (right)

When his condition worsened, Venu’s father took him to Shri Lakshmi Hospital where a catheter was inserted in his throat to deliver oxygen as he was having trouble breathing. “The doctor told us that the infection could spread to the brain and four surgeries were conducted on him,” Srinivas said.

The catheter has since been removed and Venu is on a liquid diet. He talks very softly and slowly. His father, on the other hand, is furious.

“The dentist should be stripped of her licence. What happened to our son should not happen to anybody else. Doctors like her lack experience and cannot take care of such complications,” he said.

Dr AC Sambashiva, an MBBS doctor and the chairman and managing director of Sri Lakshmi Hospital, said that Venu was suffering from parotid gland abscess and it was perhaps mere coincidence that it flared up after the root canal procedure.

Parotid gland abscess occurs when bacteria or virus enter the salivary glands. Parotid glands are the largest salivary glands and sit inside each cheek.

Pus forms when the infection is left untreated, which is probably what happened in Venu’s case. Multiple doctors that Bangalore Mirror consulted said that appears to be no co-relation between the dental procedure and parotid gland abscess. Dr AK Ray, who runs a dental clinic on Cunningham Road, said that parotid gland abscess does not affect the brain in any way and wondered why multiple operations were required to treat it. He clarified that there was no connection between root canal and parotid gland abscess.

Monika too told the police that there was no medical negligence on her part as the injection was given on the left side of the mouth. The infection developed in Venu’s right cheek.

But Srinivas is not convinced. “The police have told me that they will get me justice. We will protest if no action is taken against her.”

Venu is more concerned about the exams. “The doctor has told me that it will take at least three months to heal. The exams start on February 6 and I won’t be able to take them,” he said softly.

“By the way, how much does a journalist make,” he asked. Seeing what he had gone through, we didn’t have the heart to tell him.

Jon Cartu

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