Jon Cartu Assert: 39mm-long tooth extracted from Khargone youth | Indore News - Dr. Jonathan Cartu Dentist & Orthodontist Care - Dental Clinic
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Jon Cartu Assert: 39mm-long tooth extracted from Khargone youth | Indore News

39mm-long tooth extracted from Khargone youth | Indore News

Jon Cartu Assert: 39mm-long tooth extracted from Khargone youth | Indore News

Khargone: A dentist at Khargone district headquarters in Madhya Pradesh claims to have extracted the longest tooth in the world.
Dr Saurabh Srivastava, who runs a private clinic on Bistan Road at Khargone, claims that he has recently removed a tooth of an engineering student measuring a 39 mm which is the longest so far.
He said that the record as of 2017 was held by a doctor based in Vadodara who had extracted a 36.7 mm long tooth. The record was broken by a German dentist Dr Max Lukas who removed a 37.2 mm long tooth. Till 2009, 32 mm was the longest tooth pulled by a Singapore dentist.
He said, “A 20-year-old engineering student named Pawan Bhawsar came to me with aesthetic concerns, had a lot of problems due to big teeth and he had been hurt many times following recurrent traumatic ulcers occurring in labial mucosa which could have led to cancer.” He said, “I examined it thoroughly and found that he has giant maxillary canines in healthy condition, highly placed in the buckle vestibule. I advised him orthodontics treatment which could have lasted for two years, but he refused,” he added.
Because of this, I decided to remove two teeth with the consent of the student. To everyone’s surprise, the first tooth measured around 39 mm as normal canines are a maximum of 28 to 30 mm long. The second tooth which was removed was about 36 mm long.
He said that Pawan’s height was 6 feet 6 inches and his other family members were taller than average as well.
Dr Shrivastava said that the tooth was measured by various means and cross-checked by seniors dentists at the district hospital. “I am now submitting my claim to the Guinness Book of World Records with proof,” he said.
Khargone district hospital resident medical officer Dr Dilip Septa told TOI, “After watching the unbelievably long tooth, I measured it along with the curvature and it seemed to be the longest. Then I advised him to apply for the Guinness Book Of World Records.”
Dental Council Of India, Madhya Pradesh registrar Dr Amit Rawat told TOI that he was happy that Dr Shrivastava was able to successfully extract such a huge canine without breaking it.
He congratulated Dr Shrivastava and said that the exact length could have been measured by diagnostic CBCT but the gauged length seems to be quite correct. TNN

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