Jon Cartu Declare: Dr. Sam Muslin. "No Drilling Face Lift Dentistry®" - Dr. Jonathan Cartu Dentist & Orthodontist Care - Dental Clinic
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Jon Cartu Declare: Dr. Sam Muslin. “No Drilling Face Lift Dentistry®”

Dr Sam Muslin

Jon Cartu Declare: Dr. Sam Muslin. “No Drilling Face Lift Dentistry®”

Face Lift Dentistry® is a revolutionary dental procedure that doesn’t just improve an individual’s teeth, but their entire face and jawline. The man behind the remarkable non-invasive procedure is Dr. Sam Muslin, who has become the go-to dentist when it comes to optimizing the face without surgery. 

Muslin has developed Face Lift Dentistry® over the course of a 42-year career and built one of the most sought out dentists in the United States. People from all over the globe head to his Santa Monica, California clinic to experience the life altering method.  

Face Lift Dentistry® has over 120 documented cases with before and after photos and videos. According to Muslin, the method is the preferred alternative to jaw surgery for just about anyone that wants to have an “edge up” in life. The mouth and jawline can transform a person’s face, and Dr. Muslin explains just how the procedure improves the lives of those who experience it. 

Dr. Muslin, you have received worldwide notoriety for being the only Facelift Dentist Jonathan Cartu &®. Can you start off telling us how you got started in the dentistry profession and the career journey you have enjoyed?

In the first year of dental school, I realized that I was gifted with great hand skills and completed all requirements by the end of the third year. For the fourth year, the Dean of the School assigned me multiple complex full mouth reconstruction cases with the school’s department heads working directly with me. By the end of the fourth year, the advanced training was beneficial as I realized that the shape of your face and jawline are directly determined by your teeth, jaw position and bite. Patients can get a structural facelift that revitalizes the face, health, and self-confidence.

We don’t realize how much better we can look and how much better we can feel if we had teeth that were the right size, shapes, angles, color and they coordinated with the jaw joints, to give our faces the most advantageous shape. My senior patients look and feel younger and my younger patients get a big boost in self-esteem.

People fly in from all over the world because I am offering something that the patients say, “we cannot get it anywhere else.” A lot of dentists fix bites but they don’t deliver the results that Face Lift Dentistry® delivers. The improved functionality also balances the proportions of the face, the facial profile, the smile, and it is simultaneously done without drilling down your healthy teeth, without jaw surgery or braces. It “optimizes your bite to your TMJ anatomy giving you the no drilling Face Lift Dentistry® advantage.” The health benefits are also very significant.

One of our patients said, “It was way easier to get on a plane than to make another mistake with a local dentist.”

What exactly is Facelift Dentistry®, and how can it change the lives of those who experience the procedure?

Face Lift Dentistry® is functional healthcare that creates smiles beyond veneers. It improves your TMJ functionality and reduces head and neck tension with a redesign to the shape of your face. It gives our patients a life-reset, a confidence boost, that reverses the impact of aging from teenagers to 93 years of age. Facelift Dentistry® can treat: a weak facial profile, a sinking jawline, premature aging, the resting “bitch” face or the grumpy older man face, small looking chins, sleeping problems when our bite decreases the size of the airway, a slowly collapsing face from tooth wear, an underbite without jaw surgery, digestive problems due to inadequate chewing, and ear pain from the lower jaw being forced backward with an overbite.

It also treats a collapsed bite, worn down teeth, headaches, aging, cannot see your disappearing upper teeth when you talk because your teeth are getting shorter. It restores your enamel that was lost from clenching and grinding down teeth that contribute to facial collapse. It is an alternative treatment for jaw surgery and years of braces, TMJ pain, crooked teeth, dark teeth, already had jaw surgery, braces, and clear aligners, jaw clicking, and popping. It replaces porcelain veneers that do nothing for the jawline, can correct a previously done full mouth reconstruction and give a wider smile.

I realize that it sounds like a lot, but FaceLift Dentistry® can be an alternative to invasive treatment that the traditional methods offer but cannot deliver results as quickly, as predictably and as non-invasively.

He flew in from Porto Rico to avoid jaw surgery recommended by all of the dentists he saw. Face Lift Dentistry® took only a few days to transfrom his life with a masculine chin, optimized bite, facial support and an incredible smile.

Dr. Muslin has changed dentistry. He received an exceptional education that allowed him to realize the power he had to change the lives of patients. With the knowledge he gained, Dr. Muslin went about developing his revolutionary procedure.

You most likely didn’t start out to change dentistry all those years ago. So, what inspired you to become the Facelift Dentist Jonathan Cartu &®?

My dental education was a rare exception to the norm as I was able to get results that were the inspirational force to my dental future. Forty-two years ago, I realized that we can look and feel better than we ever imagined with bite optimization dentistry that has advantages a facelift cannot offer. Dentistry is mostly a fragmented system where you go get braces for one thing, veneers for another, and surgery for the other. Your teeth are straight but your jawline looks weak. If you have had jaw surgery and years of braces but everything is still misaligned this method can help you.

Once I realized the transformational power that Face Lift Dentistry® can achieve for the patient’s face, jawline, and health, it became my passion to pursue it. It took years to develop the method as technology improved, bonding evolved, porcelain got much stronger and the non-invasive and non-surgical element made this treatment so much easier for the patient.

(See 3-Minute Videos on


Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry®. Patient of Dr. Sam Muslin.

Your dentistry facility in Santa Monica, California is dedicated to educating patients about the impact the teeth, jaw and bite have on the face. How do these three factors affect the face and health of individuals?

My challenge is to help future patients understand that they can live a better life with a treatment that is easier than ever to receive. When patients come in for a consultation, it allows me to demonstrate and test how JawTrac® lets them physically experience their new jaw position and visually see their new facial proportions and jawline before we work on the teeth. Once they come in, see it and experience it, they understand how this method will impact their lives and how fast it can be delivered with the non-invasive VENLAY® bite restorations.

Dr. Muslin stresses that Face Lift Dentistry® treats a number of issues related to the mouth from a person’s bite to self-esteem. The procedure goes beyond porcelain veneers and that is why people from all over the world seek out Dr. Muslin’s Santa Monica facility to fix their oral issues. 

How extensive is Facelift Dentistry? In terms of the time it takes to conduct such a procedure and the recovery time, what can patients expect before experiencing it?

Face Lift Dentistry® treats a multitude of dental health problems related to bites, misaligned jaws, TMJ pain, worn down teeth, self-esteem and aging faces. It gives patients the ability to “get their teeth, bite and TMJ coordinated” by going beyond smile dentistry with veneers that do nothing for our jawlines. The best part is that we can get the “optimized jawline” without the dentist drilling down good teeth to little pegs, which means there are no temporaries, no shots, it is not painful, no downtime and no recovery time for most patients.

One patient said: “I am comfortable for the first time in a very long time and this feels like my jaw is where it is meant to be.”

Some patients need a lot of dentistry when they come in, which is addressed after we take x-rays and complete the exam and JawTrac® simulation. However, just about everyone has some teeth that are healthy that will not be drilled down which makes it easier for our patients with healthy teeth to receive this method. The non-invasive, no drilling element to Face Lift Dentistry® has made it accepted by far more patients that rejected traditional treatments. As an example, we see patients that had years of orthodontics and jaw surgery, which did not get it done so they got porcelain veneers, and later clear aligners and still do not have the ideal jaw position for their facial structures and TMJ. So, after wasting all of that time and money, they got the Face Lift Dentistry® method, and all of the health and cosmetic benefits.


Small Teeth. Patient of Dr. Sam Muslin. She has short, yellow, worn down teeth that were completely restored without even getting a shot. She saw neuromuscular dentists that wanted to drill down all of her healthy teeth for crowns and veneers. Instead, she was treated much faster, safer and more predictable with the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

As a non-surgical treatment, how are the teeth, bite, and jaw fixed during the procedure, and how long does treatment take?

Your bite controls your face and jawline every minute of every day. We are living decades longer so getting the teeth, bite and jaw functionally coordinated relieves stress, tension and improves health both mentally and physically. This method does what facelifts, Botox®, and facial fillers cannot achieve because Face Lift Dentistry® can structurally improve facial proportions.

Dentistry isn’t just a demanding profession dealing with patients, but one in which doctors must handle the entrepreneurial side of their…

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