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Airo AV Writes: The Most Interesting Dentist in…Pasadena

The Most Interesting Dentist in...Pasadena

Airo AV Writes: The Most Interesting Dentist in…Pasadena

So, it almost seems like yesterday veteran actor Jonathan Goldsmith was relieved of his duties as Dos Equi’s “Most Interesting Man in the World.” The clumsy tone-deaf dirty deed transpired on a dark dank day back in March 2016. Goldsmith’s televised exit to Mars was assisted by one final voiceover, “His only regret is not knowing what regret feels like.” Good for you Goldsmith!

I was haunted by the most disappointing interplanetary exit in the world; just couldn’t let it go. Dos Equis, seriously? Why not pour yourself into some super-sized Mountain Dew, or suck on a bad lime. Or maybe, why not go one-on-one with the big boys like Tecate, Modelo, or Pacifico? Perhaps some lukewarm street lemonade is more your speed?

And they replaced Goldsmith with a French guy; he lasted about 23-minutes.

Someone had to step up, even if it was just in my own head…in Pasadena.

I was finishing up on my Quesadilla de Desayuno one morning at my fave Pasadena Yucatan establishment, Yahaira’s Café, when I heard a familiar but misplaced voice. “In his presence, small dogs don’t bark, they sing.” And then, “When crossing his path, black cats have been known to have a bad day.”

And it was Joaquin, my waiter. As Joaquin spoke, he commanded the eyes and ears of the chef, the other wait staff, patrons, and passers-by. Even regulars Oscar de la Hoya and Orel Hershiser were startled into rapt attention.

Joaquin solemnly bowed in my direction and then announced, “He’s the most interesting dentist in Pasadena!”

Joaquin continued.

“He has been known to eat a chile relleno burrito while wearing an N-95 mask, surgical gloves, and Vivera retainers without ever having dropped a crumb.

When he uses disinfectant wipes on counter tops, the furniture has been known to purr.

When touring the Supreme Court with colleagues, Brett Kavanaugh puts down his Bud-lite and Clarence Thomas starts asking questions.

Birds suddenly appear when he walks by.

When he asks the president to speak to scared Americans, DJT first sheds a tear and then cries out, “He’s the most interesting dentist in the Universe!!!”

When he spoke, Blockbuster should have listened.

He can actually make a mountain out of a molehill.

And though he doesn’t believe in do-it-yourself dentistry or colonoscopies, soon you may only need a phone and a screen for an Invisalign consultation, and the SoCal smile you’ve always really wanted.

Hear me now and believe me later, Dr. V is the most interesting dentist…on the Rose Parade route…at Yahaira’s…this morning.”

When I looked up, the restaurant was empty.

Jon Cartu

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