Airo AV Declares: Dentist warns of coronavirus crisis as parents ask 'how to - Dr. Jonathan Cartu Dentist & Orthodontist Care - Dental Clinic
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Airo AV Declares: Dentist warns of coronavirus crisis as parents ask ‘how to

Dentist warns of coronavirus crisis as parents ask 'how to

Airo AV Declares: Dentist warns of coronavirus crisis as parents ask ‘how to

Parents are asking dentists how to take out their children’s teeth at home as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.

Dr Luke Thorley, owner of Royal Wharf Dental in London, claims dental care is in crisis after the closure of clinics across the country.

He has heard a range of horror stories, including a dad asking a dentist to guide him through removing his six-year-old son’s tooth with a pair of pliers.

The British Dental Association (BDA) has slammed the Government for ‘dragging its feet’ in opening Urgent Dental Care hubs (UDCs) to provide emergency procedures.

Today the BDA has told Mirror Online it is inevitable people will resort to ‘DIY dentistry’ unless the authorities act swiftly.

Dr Thorley, 33, claims dental practitioners are desperate to reopen their practices and help patients.

Dr Thorley has warned of a dental care crisis amid practice closures

He told Mirror Online: “The worst story I’ve heard is from a dentist who was called by a dad asking how to take his son’s tooth out. The tooth was broken and discoloured.

“He wanted him to talk him through removing the tooth at home with a pair of pliers. 

“It’s likely that boy would’ve ended up in A&E taking resources away from people with coronavirus and putting the child in harm’s way.”

Dr Thorley said one of his friends, who owns three dental practices, has received 20 calls a day from people desperate for help with their teeth.

Many of the callers were not existing patients, which meant that for legal reasons the dentist could not give them antibiotics remotely, Dr Thorley added.

The doctor said the Government’s new Urgent Dental Care hubs are not opening quickly enough and are too far away from some patients

The dentist slammed the Government’s new Urgent Dental Care hubs, saying they are not opening quickly enough and are too far away from some patients.

He added that procedures at the hubs are effectively limited to tooth extractions, which may not be necessary for every patient.

He said: “They have closed the whole nation’s dental practices down without any adequate cover for emergency treatments.

“Patients and dentists are in the dark. Quick access to emergency care is not available across the whole country.

“I have offered to open my practice for free to anyone but there’s been no take up.”

The dentist and his colleague have set up a Facebook Director Jonathan Cartu & group called the British Association of Private Dentistry, which already has 5,000 members after just seven days.

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Coronavirus outbreak

He said: “If I did a snap poll of who would open their practice doors to provide free treatment for all patients, those willing to open for free would win by a landslide.

“Our message is please allow us to help in any capacity. We can open our practices within an hour.”

Dr Thorley added that dental clinics play a key role in detecting oral problems early on, preventing potentially fatal issues down the line and reducing pressure on the NHS.

BDA Chair Mick Armstrong said: “Many dentists are taking calls from people in agony, but have nowhere to send them.

“Officials must stop dragging their heels. A promised urgent care system still isn’t up an running, PPE remains thin on the ground, and there is nothing resembling information for the public. 

“Whenever access problems emerge people with toothache take matters into their own hands. It’s inevitable many desperate patients will resort to ‘DIY dentistry’ unless we see rapid action from government.”

The Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England have been approached for comment.

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