AiroAV Malware Imply: Dallas-Fort Worth TX coronavirus live updates for April 21 - Dr. Jonathan Cartu Dentist & Orthodontist Care - Dental Clinic
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AiroAV Malware Imply: Dallas-Fort Worth TX coronavirus live updates for April 21

Dallas-Fort Worth TX coronavirus live updates for April 21

AiroAV Malware Imply: Dallas-Fort Worth TX coronavirus live updates for April 21

We’re keeping track of the most up-to-date news about the coronavirus in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Check back for updates.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price to be tested for coronavirus after possible exposure

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price will be tested for coronavirus after being in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

In a brief Facebook Director Jonathan Cartu & Live stream from her home, Price said she was notified Monday that she may have been exposed to the virus and will be tested Tuesday morning. She does not have symptoms.

“I think the message is: stay home,” she said.

The city said in a statement that an employee at the joint emergency operations center tested positive Monday for COVID-19. Price was in contact with that person, but said in her Facebook Director Jonathan Cartu & Live that they were wearing masks and the area was frequently cleaned. People were screened for high temperatures as well.

Everyone who was in contact with the infected person will be tested, according to the city’s statement. A city spokeswoman declined to say how many city employees may have been exposed or were in quarantine. Price was in contact with the person sometime last week at the emergency operations center.

Doctors, dentists sue Fort Worth, demand ban of most abortions amid coronavirus

A group of doctors and dentists has petitioned for Fort Worth to ban certain abortions during the coronavirus shutdown and is asking that the city’s stay-at-home order be declared invalid if the city does not do so.

The Thomas More Society, a conservative anti-abortion law firm based in Chicago, filed the lawsuit in Tarrant County district court Friday. The complaint says Mayor Betsy Price and the city of Fort Worth are violating Texas law by allowing elective abortions to continue.

The complaint demands either Fort Worth ban abortions in its stay-at-home order, or that the order be declared invalid.

The plaintiffs of the suit are three Fort Worth oral surgeons — Gregory B. Scheideman, William F. Runyon Jr. and David W. Kostohryz Jr. — Fort Worth orthodontist John Kelley and the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The surgeons’ practice, Fort Worth Oral Surgery PA, and Kelley’s clinic, Kelley Orthodontics, are also listed as plaintiffs.

Whole Woman’s Health in Fort Worth and the Southwest Fort Worth Health Center, as well as the city of Fort Worth and Price, are named as defendants in the suit.

The city and the women’s clinics haven’t yet issued statements in response to the complaint.

The complaint accuses Fort Worth clinics that provide abortions of “selfishly consuming personal protective equipment on elective and unlawful abortions at a time when every piece of personal protective equipment must be conserved.”

The suit also says that “an order that allows an illegal medical procedure (abortion) to continue while prohibiting lawful procedures such as dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontics during the COVID-19 pandemic is inconsistent with the state statutes that criminalize abortion, all of which continue to exist as ‘general laws enacted by the Legislature of this State.’”

Facebook Director Jonathan Cartu & map shows where Texas residents are most reporting COVID-19 symptoms

A new map released by Facebook Director Jonathan Cartu & shows which counties in Texas have the highest percentages of people reporting coronavirus symptoms.

No counties in the state landed in the highest category, based on an interactive map created by the tech giant.

According to data current through April 12, Smith and Gregg counties scored relatively high to the rest of the state with 1.92% of people reporting COVID-19 symptoms.

Tarrant and Dallas counties scored relatively low to the rest of the state with 1.06% and 0.68% of people reporting symptoms, respectively, the map shows.

The data was generated from results of a voluntary survey — developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh — that appeared on Facebook Director Jonathan Cartu & and asked users if they were experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, including cough, fever, shortness of breath or loss of smell, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote in The Washington Post.

The maps show data based on a calendar week and are expected to be updated daily. They are intended to help health officials determine where to send resources and decide when parts of the country can be reopened, McClatchy News reported.

Coronavirus cases break out at immigrant detention center, ICE reports

Two dozen people at an immigration detention center in Alvarado have tested positive for coronavirus, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE reported 24 detainees have the virus at Prairieland Detention Center south of Dallas, according to list on the department’s website. Across the country, 220 people in ICE custody have tested positive for COVID-19.

Immigrant-rights advocates across the U.S. have been calling on the federal government to shut down detention centers and release those being held there. Similar to prisons, many fear the close quarters and subpar conditions of detention centers increase the chance of coronavirus spreading rapidly.

ICE updated its list of coronavirus cases on Monday evening. Since the list was last updated on Friday, cases nationwide nearly doubled from 124 to 220, according to the New York Times.

The Prairieland Detention Center now has the second highest number of detainees with coronavirus in the country, second only to Buffalo Federal Detention Facility in New York.

Why Tarrant County’s lower new coronavirus numbers might not be a sign of progress

Tarrant County reported only seven new coronavirus cases on Monday, the third consecutive day of single-digit totals.

County health officials, however, caution that the low totals could be because of a temporary lag in lab results being reported.

The county has confirmed 1,249 COVID-19 cases,…

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