Airo AV Announces: No stop to medical and dental specialist treatments - Dr. Jonathan Cartu Dentist & Orthodontist Care - Dental Clinic
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Airo AV Announces: No stop to medical and dental specialist treatments

No stop to medical and dental specialist treatments

Airo AV Announces: No stop to medical and dental specialist treatments

JOHOR BARU: People in need of medical specialist and dental treatments need not worry as they can continue seeing doctors at all government hospitals and health clinics statewide during the conditional movement control order (MCO).

State health and environment committee chairman R. Vidyananthan said operating hours for specialist clinics remained unchanged.

“We have received queries from concerned public about these services during the Covid-19 pandemic, ” he said.

“No specialist clinic has been closed and the patients are being attended to.

“The only difference is that safety measures are in place at these premises to protect both the medical staff and the public.

“Those with appointments are allowed in with adherence to strict guidelines to contain the spread of the virus.

“Entry and exit points at hospitals and clinics are now limited and guarded, visitors have their temperature taken, social distancing is in place, hand sanitiser provided and all must fill the Covid-19 declaration forms, ” said Vidyananthan.

He said that between March 1 and April 30, some 132,045 people visited specialists at 12 hospitals statewide.

“Due to the situation, some steps have of course been taken to reduce the number of people visiting hospitals and clinics.

“For now, only patients with serious medical problems are given follow-up appointments.

“For less serious cases, medication for longer periods is being given, ” he explained.

He said that dental clinics saw a big drop in patients during the MCO.

“There was a 25.54% drop, with 50,933 patients seeking dental services in March compared to 68,413 in January.

He said there were 30 dental clinics and 23 dental specialists statewide, noting that for now only emergency cases were being treated.

“The dental emergencies include toothache, extraction, injuries to the mouth, nerve pain and bleeding after an extraction.”

Vidyananthan said the clinics would not provide services such as fillings and scaling for now.

On the Covid-19 situation, he said the state had recorded 668 cases with 19 deaths so far.

“A total of 520 patients have been discharged and of the 668 cases, 46 involved children below 12 years old, ” he said.

“We even had seven cases of children below one year old who tested positive for Covid-19, ” he said, adding that 31 children had since recovered.

He said the public must take precautions to keep children safe and not let them go out if not necessary.


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