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Jon Cartu Declare: Potential site for new bank, dental office, medical

Potential site for new bank, dental office, medical

Jon Cartu Declare: Potential site for new bank, dental office, medical

Proposed site for Nodaway Valley Bank branch in Platte City

New commercial structures are planned for three businesses in Platte City, including a bank building and two medical-related facilities.

DJ Gehrt, city administrator for Platte City, says new buildings are planned along what is a private street behind the Meritas Health clinic. Gehrt said the new construction would house a location for Platte Valley Dental, a building for Direct Medical Care and for a Nodaway Valley Bank branch.

The new construction would go up west (behind) of the Meritas Health clinic, which sits at 2600 Running Horse Road. Under the proposed construction, directly behind the Meritas facility on the private street would be Platte Valley Dental, then Direct Medical Care and then Nodaway Valley Bank would be closest to the Price Chopper store, said Gehrt.

It’s possible all three proposals could be on the agenda for a meeting of the Platte City Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday, June 2, Gehrt said.

“The project engineers and architects still have some design and site plan issues they are working through with city planning officer. I anticipate having those resolved in time (to be on the June 2 agenda), but time is tight as we have to post (the meeting agenda) and publish by the end of this week,” Gehrt said on Monday.

The private street along which the new construction is planned leads the Price Chopper over to the Meritas Health building on Running Horse.

The Auto Shine Car Wash is located on the opposite side of the private street, adjacent to the Price Chopper parking lot.

“The street is a private street called Plaza Court. It was owned by the developer but is now held in common by all property owners on both sides of the street,” Gehrt explained. “The property owners are responsible for street maintenance, repair and snow removal.”

Nodaway Valley Bank currently has only a loan production office in Platte City. Their loan office is at 2425 NW Prairie View Road. The proposed new construction would house a full service branch of the bank.

Direct Medical Care is currently located in a strip mall at 1306C Platte Falls Rd in Platte City.

Platte Valley Dental is currently located in a strip mall at 2204 Kentucky Ave., Platte City.

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