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Ofer Eitan Reviews: Family legacy continues at Lake Dental Associates

Family legacy continues at Lake Dental Associates

Ofer Eitan Reviews: Family legacy continues at Lake Dental Associates

(Above) Three generations of Bieber family dentists celebrated Matt Biebers graduation from dental school in June.  Pictured (L-R):  Dr. Liz (Kennedy) Bieber, Dr. Rae Bieber, Dr. Matt Bieber and Dr. Tom Bieber.  -Submitted photo

by Michelle Watson

It’s not every young man who gets to step into a career that was started by his grandfather, carried on by his father, and now gets to join with his new wife by his side.  Matt Bieber, who graduated from the University of Iowa Dental School on June 5, has now begun his career at Lake Dental Associates, located in Clear Lake.

“I feel very blessed and honored to have the opportunity to carry on the legacy of Lake Dental,” said Matt.  “Not many new dentists get to step into a new career with the kind of support and mentorship I’ve received and for that I am very thankful.”

Matt had to end dental school during the Coronovirus Pandemic.  He had his last in-person class in mid-March.  The remainder of his school year was attended virtually with his commencement ceremony also held virtually.

Rae Bieber, Matt’s grandfather, graduated from the University of Iowa Dental School in 1954.  After serving as a dentist in the Navy at Camp Pendleton in California for two years, he returned to Clear Lake and set up private practice in September 1956.  The original location of the practice was on Main Street, in the old Corner Drug building.  Rae was there from 1956-1970.  He moved to the current location at 102 N. 5th St. in 1970.   

  When Rae started, he had one treatment room and one employee. He retired from the practice in 2000.

“The biggest change in dentistry over the years is the technology of the equipment.  Specifically, the introduction of high speed drills.  It took away the ‘heavy hand’ practice of dentistry and made it into the quicker, lighter touch it is today,” said Rae.  “Another change is the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).  When I started I didn’t even wear gloves.”

Rae’s son, Tom, joined the practice in 1987.  Under Tom’s leadership, the business had two major remodels and expansions.  The first in 1997, expanded the business from 900 square feet to 1,800 square feet.  Another one in 2011, increased the size of the business to 3,600 square feet.  Now the business has 10 treatment rooms and 15 team members.

“It gives me great pride that Matt has decided to follow in his grandfather’s and my footsteps to pursue a career in dentistry,” said

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