Jonathan Cartu Stated: Creating Famous Smiles: Dr. John Badolato is Arizona’s Top - Dr. Jonathan Cartu Dentist & Orthodontist Care - Dental Clinic
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Jonathan Cartu Stated: Creating Famous Smiles: Dr. John Badolato is Arizona’s Top

Creating Famous Smiles: Dr. John Badolato is Arizona’s Top

Jonathan Cartu Stated: Creating Famous Smiles: Dr. John Badolato is Arizona’s Top

As the owner of Studio B Smiles, Dr. Badolato partners with many professional sports teams and has a wide variety of clients.

As an avid sports fan, Dr. John Badolato can typically view his finished work on the big screen when many of Arizona’s top sports stars smile.  Badolato and his dental practice, Studio B Smiles, are the official dental providers for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball League, Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association, and the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball.

Dr. Badolato believes celebrity endorsements have helped his business reach new heights. “People want to go where the pros go,” says Badolato. According to a study by Dr. Hsinkuang Chi of Nanhua University in Taiwan, society typically values the business of celebrities the same way they value the opinion of their close family and friends.

Badolato emphasizes that his connections with influencers is what separates him from his competition. “Studio B Smiles is different from most other dental offices because we have created a niche amongst professional athletes and celebrity clientele either living in, or visiting the Valley of the Sun,” he stated. His work in the entertainment industry did not end with sports, as Studio B Smiles was the official cosmetic dental provider for six seasons of ABC’s hit show, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

Studio B Smiles growth has been outstanding throughout the years. After opening the doors to their flagship location in Scottsdale, Arizona to the public in 2004, Dr. Badolato and his team have increased revenues exponentially each year. He credits the ability to maintain a strong mindset to his success. “Every time I have failed or made a mistake, I have learned valuable lessons that helped me move forward and be successful in my business,” Badolato stated.

Dr. Badolato almost pursued a different career before he chose to enroll in dental school at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. “I initially planned to go to medical school to become a plastic surgeon,” he mentioned. After engaging in a conversation with a prominent surgeon at an internship prior to beginning medical school, Badolato’s plans took a slight turn, as he chose to pursue cosmetic dentistry instead. “It’s like plastic surgery without the life and death stressors,” Badolato boldly stated. Today, Dr. Badolato owns two practices- one in Scottsdale and another Downtown Phoenix. He plans to expand his budding dental practice with a third location in Arcadia in affiliation with the Phoenix Suns new practice facility.

Badolato recommends that aspiring dentists begin with building a strong and reliable team of employees. “My team has been a vital part of my success,” he says. A need for growth and development is crucial to being a perfect fit at Studio B Smiles. “Great teams always get better as they work and grow together.” Over the past sixteen years, Badolato has built Studio B Smiles’ core values around quality customer service and the importance of establishing trust between his business and his patients. “We make sure our customers feel heard,” he says. “Our motto is ‘the best interest of the patient is the only interest we will consider.’”

As someone who puts their patients first, Dr. Badolato emphasizes that his patients provide him with life’s greatest pleasure — their joy and happiness. “I can’t explain how great it feels to see someone cry happy tears when they see their new smile for the first time,” he says. Studio B Smiles offers patients a wide variety of quality services such as dental cleanings, fillings, crowns, Invisalign, whitening, veneers, and more.

If you would like to learn more about Studio B Smiles, visit their Website or follow Dr. John Badolato on Instagram.

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