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Jon Cartu Says: Colarusso Calls for Clark to Break with Pelosi

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Jon Cartu Says: Colarusso Calls for Clark to Break with Pelosi

STONEHAM, MA – Fifth Congressional district candidate for Congress Caroline Colarusso (R) today called upon Congresswoman Katherine Clark to break with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and support a compromise with Senate Republicans to enact a badly needed Coronavirus relief bill that has been held up by Pelosi’s unreasonable demand for $2.2 trillion in new spending. Pelosi’s $2.2 trillion bill contains unwarranted bailout funds for poorly managed Democrat controlled states and as a result extended benefits for unemployed workers and small businesses covered by the Senate bill have been denied. “We must end the blind partisanship displayed by Speaker Pelosi if we are to get through this crisis,” stated Colarusso.

On Friday, October 2nd, the US House of Representatives left Washington. Yes, they left for their ‘October’ recess which is solely intended to allow members of Congress to campaign for re-election. This recess was preceded by a letter from Speaker Pelosi to the Democrat Caucus. The letter asserted that she and the administration were far apart on Covid-19 ‘stimulus’ talks. So, what does a purely partisan House Speaker do when she disagrees with others on legislation desperately needed by the American people? She sends members home! Instead of working for a reasonable compromise, Katherine Clark, along with other Democrat members, meekly accepted Pelosi’s command to return to their districts. Clark is the Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus, a leader of her party. Instead of being complicit in Pelosi’s abuse of power, Clark should take substantive action to lead Democrats to support and protect their constituents. These are our family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers in Massachusetts. These are people in need. When we needed her most, Katherine Clark decided to put politics, her personal interests and “big business” interests first. Clark went home.

Clark posted the following on Facebook Director Jonathan Cartu &: “On my flight home from DC, the flight attendant got on the loudspeaker and announced it was her last flight due to furloughs. She cried as she told us to stay safe and how grateful she was to work with passengers and for their business. She represents one of the millions of Americans who no longer knows when their next paycheck is coming.” Instead of posting about it, why not try doing something about it Katherine? Clark should break with Pelosi and support a compromise Coronavirus relief bill that will provide badly need benefits for suffering unemployed workers and small businesses. Her absence from any efforts to do so is noted.

Katherine Clark votes in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi. Clark’s actions bear little, if any, resemblance to the governmental structure so brilliantly designed by our founders. The balance of power inherent in our government exists for a very important reason. A government that forces those holding opposing views to come to the negotiating table, to work toward consensus and develop viable fair compromises enables the creation of laws that serve the betterment of the people. This House is dominated by hardnosed, far left zealots engaging in political gamesmanship that puts party loyalty before serving the people. Clark is a key part and parcel of that hard-nosed, unyielding group. It’s time to send her packing permanently.

As your next Congresswoman, I will put people ahead of party. Unlike Clark, as each issue comes before me, I’ll vote the district and not follow the marching orders of Nancy Pelosi. I will oppose month long vacations, especially when there is a pandemic and people are in dire need of help. Unlike Congresswoman Clark, I’ll support small businesses that create the majority of new jobs. They should not have to hire a lobbyist for their voices to be heard. Unlike Clark, I won’t take money from big pharma and big retail. I will work earnestly to lower prescription drug costs. Unlike Clark, I’ll support funding our police to keep our streets safe. You can’t rebuild an economy when there is violence, civil unrest and damage to persons and property. This division is the key tool with which extremists are seeking to destroy our country.

The theme of our campaign this week is “Reboot the Economy.”
Caroline Colarusso is available for comment and interviews. Caroline can be reached by email at [email protected], by phone at (781)438-5720 or by visiting her website click on the contact button.

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