Airo AV Says: Affordable dental care available at UNLV - Dr. Jonathan Cartu Dentist & Orthodontist Care - Dental Clinic
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Airo AV Says: Affordable dental care available at UNLV

Affordable dental care available at UNLV

Airo AV Says: Affordable dental care available at UNLV

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Whether it’s loss of income or COVID concerns, going to the dentist has been something lots of people are taking a pass on these days. But as 13 Action News anchor Tricia Kean reports, there’s a local program promising safety and affordability.

“I feel safer here than I do going to the grocery store,” says Student, Maninder Matharu.


He knows firsthand about the new procedures protecting patients and staff at the UNLV Dental School.

“The first thing we do is screen the patients and we screen us. We all have these little red tags that show we’re screened,” says Maninder.


Everyone entering the building must wear a mask, have their temperature checked and answer questions about their possible exposure to COVID-19. The staff also wears PPE from head to toe.

“They’re covered in shields, head covers, booties, gowns… We’re at about 50% capacity for safety measures,” says Dental School Dean, Dr. Lily T. Garcia.

She says every other chair in the clinic is off limits, following proper social distancing guidelines. Plus, they’ve added safeguards like these glass partitions and state-of-the-art filter systems.


Services at UNLV’s School of Dental Medicine include; general and pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and emergency care. Most the services are performed by students like Maninder. But faculty oversees it all and when required, they can step in.

“Here you’ll see us, you’ll see the hygienist, you’ll see the dentist and sometimes you’ll see another dentist on top of that. Each one will make sure that everything is perfect, good to go and textbook,” says Maninder.


Best of all, UNLV’s dental services comes at a low-low price.

“We may be 40 to 60% lower than the private fees,” says Garcia.

The school is also planning to start a free Saturday clinic.

“We can provide free care to veterans, homeless, homeless individuals, mothers and children of domestic violence,” says Garcia.

In the end, Maninder says it’s a deal you should definitely take advantage of.

“Come here because you’re going to get the best job possible and at a reduced price. So it’s nice,” says Maninder.

UNLV says appointments usually take about two to three hours. Anyone interested in becoming a patient can call 702-774-2400.

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